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Since romance writers are as inquisitive about their readers as their readers are about them, I’d be interested in getting your feedback on a few of my own thoughts about the romance genre in this second decade of the new century. For instance:

What are you reading these days?  Are you still into the current craze for the supernatural in romance fiction?  Or have you just about had it with supernatural entities of every phylum, age, ethnicity, cosmic origin, religious affiliation, and sexual persuasion?

Do you read erotic fiction, or do you think things have gone a bit far, or way too far?  Are you aware that there is intense discussion within the hallowed halls of Romance Writers of America about the inclusion of erotica in every sub-genre of romance fiction?  (No fisticuffs yet, but even the mildest-mannered romance writer has been known to lose her cool occasionally!)

Have you taken the leap into reading your romances in new formats?  E-books, print-on-demand, Kindles, Nooks, tablets and all the miscellany of gewgaws that I can’t possibly keep up with?  Since e-books can be rushed into print at the drop of a hat – or a keystroke, to be more accurate – there has been a bewildering glut, to me at any rate, of quick-write-quick-read books.  Do you think the quality of the writing has been affected by these new technologies?  Has it changed your reading habits?

I’m currently hard at work on two new projects – lots of irreverence,
not an alien or vampire in sight and reasonably restrained eroticism  –  but in the meantime you can buy my books online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  And coming soon to Kindle and Nook!

It Happened In South Beach
Love Spell Books

"Klassel deftly balances plot twists, relationships and Tilly's transformation from a frump to a hip chick as the author stakes out a claim to territory popularized by Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Crusie and Lisa Scottoline." -- Publishers Weekly

Winner of the Madcap Award for Best Romantic Comedy

"I'd like to tell you that IT HAPPENED IN SOUTH BEACH is like a cross between Janet Evanovich and Jennifer Crusie, but even that doesn't do justice to the freshness of Klassel's voice."

-- Teresa Medeiros, author of New York Times


The Lady Doth Protest
Leisure Books
Romantic Times

Girl On The Run
Love Spell Books
Romantic Times Top Pick

She Who Laughs Last
Leisure Books
Winner: Romantic Times/Dorchester
New Historical Voice Contest

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